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Ad-Block can be a killer sometimes, but with this act of generosity I can keep my ammo filled and be ready for battle.
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About 04AM

I salute you soldiers, welcome to Operation: PATREON.

A new mission was born today, a mission to join ranks together and support a greater cause. For this operation, I need my finest warriors out there, and You could be one of them. Do you have what it takes? Sign up today and be part of my army.


Patreon is a platform which allows you to support the hard work I put in my channel, to give something in return. For example, many of you guys probably use AdBlock, which is something I fully agree with!  ADS SUCK But in order to keep this channel up and running, I need to pay for video editing software and PC upgrades, so it would be awesome if you could save a dollar and back me up. Even with 1$ a month you can change the game for me, but if you really like my content and want to show your appreciation you can always give more. Every dollar will go to the channel. If you donate 5$ or more, your name will be immortalized in every future video outro, how awesome is that?! Don't forget that hitting that like button and sharing my work helps a lot too! Peace

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