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Every single worker of the team is very helpful. Every donation is a big help for me and a great reward. Having my work appreciated makes me very happy. Thank you for helping to realise my dream! 

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Plumber of art industrial pipes is a value task. This kind of generosity is important for me; the reward is one of my classic lamps: "name lamp". I will be very happy to build it for you.  

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Welding is a really difficult and hard task. This kind of effort in my team deserves a special reward. It means a lot that you have decided to support me.You will receive a simple but very nice classic lamp: "name lamp" 




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About Art Industrial Pipes

Hi!!!! Welcome to my Patreon page. I'm a creative person with good manual skills who decided to turn his passion into a profession. I like to build many kinds of things; starting from any type of raw material, if possible from recycled components literally from the scrap. My idea is to build lamps, but what I prefer is building something customized for every person and environment; simply unique lamps. My dream is run my own business where I build my artistic, weird and useful lamps. Something different from common products easy to buy in a normal website or shop. Patreon gives me the chance to show my work and cover initial expenses: time, tools, materials, and everything else that is necessary.
Thank you for reading my page and please consider supporting my work.

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