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About 0gravity percussion


We are 0gravity percussion. We love the idea of supporting the things you believe in, and we realized that this is one of the easiest ways for you all to do just that! Here's a little about us:

WELCOME! You're witnessing a break in the percussion industry.
My name is Jake Reagan; I'm the founder and Mallet Craftsman of 0gravity percussion.
0gravity is a brand new percussion mallet company based in Denton, TX, and we're here to raise standards and push for percussive excellence. We have huge ideas in progress, and we're so excited to shake up the competition! Our goal is to create a series inspired by every planet in our Solar System (including Pluto!). Each series will have different characteristics based on the properties of and legends behind the planets. We're based in Denton, TX, home of the most competitive percussion groups and colleges. All of our staff has studied under the percussion legends here, so all of our products are of legendary standards. 

Now, of course, please don't put any money up if you can't afford it; we would hate for us to be the reason you have to change your budget. BUT! You can still show support by sharing this page, our website, or just sending us a quick email to chat it up!
Anyway, thank you so much for all of the amazing support you have shown, and for all of the faith in what we do here at 0gravity.
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This mostly just helps keep 0gravity as a well-oiled machine. If we can maintain this goal, we can continue to supply rattan mallets! Otherwise, they go out of stock until we can get this back up.
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