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About 11 WIE DU

We are Angelina and Rosalie. We are change pop activists. We think that there is nothing better and more important for our generation to do than to bring the world back into balance.

Our goal

Our goal is to inspire children, adolescents and young adults to take on the responsibility of caring for our planet.

Your support

We ask for your help as a supporter to reach as many young people as possible. Many of them do not even know how urgent it is to act right now. That's why we go to schools and visit children's facilities to showcase with our lectures and concerts how important and cool it is that children and young people from around the world use their talents to bring the earth back into balance.

What can our generation contribute?

Our generation accounts for 42.8% of the world's population, more than 3.1 billion of us under 24 years old.
Many of them are already working hard to solve global challenges, but the public is not really aware of this fact. By combining all of our creativity, knowledge and experience, we can help each other master global challenges, become a global family and rebalance this planet.

Support our MusicTalks and ChangePopConcerts

Please support our activities with your pledge! The more support we get, the more children and young people we can reach, touch, inspire and mobilize for a better tomorrow.
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When we reach 11 patrons, we can do an unplugged concert at a children hospital close to our hometown.

Wenn wir fünf Unterstützer haben, können wir in einem Kinderkrankenhaus in der Nähe unserer Heimatstadt ein Unplugged-Konzert spielen.

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