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In a world where the laws follow the Aspects of Heaven and Earth, it flows through all things and greatly refines the body and mind of all of its denizens. Children are able to walk and talk at mere infancy, people are near impervious to human sickness, elders can count their age by centuries, and their strength can enable them to run dozens of kilometers without rest or literally move boulders. Follow Gaius as he tries to find his place within this world of magic.

This is a work I have been working on for a while now and have finally decided to publish through Patreon. I will try to publish at least 2 chapters a week with each chapter being at least 2,000 words. Also, as a note, I do not have an editor so there may be some grammatical mistakes, please point them out so that I may go back and fix them!

P.S. if you are interested in editing for me, message me through Patreon!
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