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When the channel was first created in 2009, 1P Entertainment (formerly 1tjmac12) has gotten bigger over the past ten years.  When it all started, an eleven-year-old boy named Thomas McCabe (that's me by the way) started making videos ever since he got his first camera in the 2008 Christmas season.  Since then, he hasn't stopped making animations.  After returning home from a campsite in New Jersey, Thomas discovered Windows Movie Maker on his Windows Vista, which began his love for film and animation.  Years later, he has made an almost full-length feature film called "Secret of the Orbs," where the films revolve around three worlds in a similar universe: LEGO, Roblox, and Minecraft.  The third film in the franchise, "Secret of the Orbs: Battle for Creativity," is still undergoing production as we speak; a minor setback was when some files were deleted without my knowledge, and now they have to be replaced, which can be hard to find sometimes.  By joining the 1P Patreon campaign, you can be a big help to the company!
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