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Hey, i'm a 14 csgo player just looking for some support <3
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My goal is $400 towards an i5 4690k motherboard and 144hz before August 15th approximately when ESEA season 29 starts. I just turned 14 three months ago and I'm A+ 85 ADR in IM this season with 50-110 fps on 66hz. I have an extreme passion for this game spending 100+ hours past 2 weeks just grinding and grinding with the determination of improving myself until I can reach a pro level. I've come to a realization that i can't become much better with my current setup and My parents are going through financial issues and can't afford to buy me computer parts/monitor to help me get closer to my dream of becoming a pro cs player. If I reach this goal I will start streaming. If you donate 10$ or more I will advertise your business/product in my twitch panels/overlay. I'm basically just putting out a cry for help and hoping that anyone who has been through this type of situation before that has/had the same passion for gaming and trying to go pro will be willing to help me out so one day my dreams will come true.
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Hey, i'm a 14 csgo player just looking for some support <3

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