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About Brialle

Hey Everyone, Whatsup Patreon!!!!

I am here on a mission! I have to tell you that this has been the challenge of a lifetime but I finally let go of my fears and took the leap! I am here because I want to make films and TV for a living; and I want to make them ethically beautiful.

I have this epic dream to own and run a revolutionary motion picture production company. I would make deliciously thrilling Independent American media that has all the spirit and freedom of HBO with the deep conscious effort toward self evolution that OWN has. It would be ethically conscious of women and minority groups. It would make anime, and narrative feature length film, and all things Thriller, Adventure, and Drama. That's the dream and on August 12, 2016 I took the leap and registered 1WhiteFeather.

It was scary and I still fear not making it, but I can't turn back now! Besides, how do you take on anything huge? One step at a time; no?

So ... I've been working a full-time job to fund and progress the company. But I have to say, between school bills and living expenses I haven't gotten as far as I'd hoped. Their are fundamental things businesses need, and while I am creative, the are points and places where creativity is honestly a stretch. One such place is having savvy people  on your team. A lawyer and accountant definitely fit into the 'savvy people' category. In this industry going without a lawyer or accountant is like purposely losing money on your investment. Not only does it make the company seem amateur, but it put the company in a position fail. That would just kill me; we're to young to die! Your patronage gets me savvy people and paid school bills. Yey school bills!

Your patronage also helps me get a start on producing 1WhiteFeather's very first, original, screenplay. I'll be able to pay a Producer to help me select actors and get all of the odds and ends together for the shoot. Without one, I'm on my own :( ...

In any case I just want to say thank you for any support you can muster. This dream and the film are very important to me, they're my everything. So, having you apart of it is more than an honor, it's a prayer come true. Thank You for all of your support. 
$23 of $1,500 per Short Film
The company really needs to have its own computer. When I reach this amount in donations I be able to purchase a really good desktop or laptop to edit our content on.
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