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Hey wassup everyone,

Lemme tell you a bit about me.  I am a Christian hip hop artist from NSW, Australia.  My aim is to use my music as a platform to uplift and encourage people (especially the youth of this generation) to rise above circumstance and trials that life throws at them, in order for them to live up to the true potential that they have in this life.  I often use examples from my own life to portray this.

You might recognize me from one of my social media platforms.  If not, you should go check it out. I've got daily content online which is really awesome!  Hit me up and contact me.  I love hearing from fans and followers, I've had some wonderful conversations with fans in the past and value every time someone reaches out to me.

Facebook - 1Choice Muzik
YouTube - 1Choice Muzik
Instagram - 1choicemuzik
SnapChat - muzik1choice

I have been featured on 14 radio stations across USA and UK.  I'll list these below:
- 216 The Beat Radio                - Musik Nation Radio                     - BBox Radio
- Vibe Radio                              - Radio MGA                                  - Heat FM
- Dps Soul                                 - Hustle Boy DJ Radio                   - Fresh Beatz
- Daneedle                                - Hot 365                                        - Street D
- Around the Clock Radio          - Realcast Radio

I have also made guest appearances on Radio and Internet based shows, such as Artist Spotlight and Side Hustle Radio with Hef and DJ DeePoise.

So that's me... now that you know where I've come from, I'm gunna let you know how you can join me in this venture.

I have 4 big goals for the rest of 2018 and 2019.

1. Travel
I want to be able to travel to different parts of the country and perform for crowds.  I have already had chances to do this, some I have had the chance to capitalise on, others I have had to decline due to financial reasons.  As much as I want to pursue music, I can't leave my wife and kids high and dry with no financial backing.  Because of this, I hold a Monday - Friday job that pays almost nothing just to keep the family afloat.  If I had some backing from you, I would be able to take these opportunities without leaving my family up the creek without a paddle.

2. Independancy
If I can make enough, consistently I will be able to leave my job and pursue music and content creating on a full time basis.  This means that I will be making more music, I will be making more videos, getting more business work done... and I will be able to be home when my kids finish work... I love my kids lol.

3. Album
I am in the process of recording my first 30 tracks.  This is approximately 2 albums (or 1 if you wanna be like Drake and release Scorpion haha).  I write songs quickly and fluently, I record out of my home studio (which is super budget but I love it) so that I don't have to pay huge fees for studio time and lyricists.  However, I need backing in order to promote myself enough to get my album out there and actually make it the success that I know it will be!

4.  Merchandise
I have got some amazing designs that I have done up myself.  Not just shirts, hoodies and hats like most merch.  I have got coffee mugs, leggings, socks, couch cushions, wall tapestries, etc.  I put a lot of pride into my creative side.  This is why I am struggling with the online merchandise companies who make your stuff for you and you sell it through their websites.  They charge extortionate amounts of money (which I don't want my fans paying) and give me pittance in return.  The only person who wins out there is the big company and that sucks.  With your help, I can actually buy and design my own merch and sell it through my own social media and other platforms that I have developed.  This will put lower prices on merchandise and more of my hard earned dollars with me, not some multinational company.

Join the 1Choice Team on this awesome endeavour and hit that button to become a patron.

Until next time

1Choice Muzik Team
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