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You know the paths can be treacherous, and kind strangers rare, you aid your fellow travelers out of kindness and the knowledge that such charity often finds its way back to you. 

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It's always a welcome sight to find another that hears the call of the winding road. Someone for whom a path need not have an end to make the journey worthwhile. Gather by the fire, rest your tired feet, tell us of the tales you have witnessed. 




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About 1derer

On dusty, ancient paths or thronging crowded streets, or empty endless highways; stories swirl and dance around us like tumbleweeds, or a distant radio, or a discarded fast food wrapper. The virtual world is no different. Along these digital paths we travel we construct our own stories and piece by piece we assemble our epics. Walk with me for a while, if it please you, and for a few chapters our stories may intersect.
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