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About 1st Person


It started...
On the car ride to our hotel rooms in Lima Peru, I turned to Mawulom and said we need to tell everyone about this. I was talking about our 5ish day journey beyond the known universe, at least that’s what it felt like to me. We both had participated in an ayahuasca ceremony that, completely changed the way we perceived reality. It was a concrete demonstration of the limitations of our understanding of the world. We returned from the journey humbled.

We had an urge to broadcast our revelations to the world and wanted everyone to hear about our life-changing (semi-religious) experience. Right then and there, 1st Person was born.

Here and now...
Our podcast is up and running and we need your support to continue this journey. We not only share our experiences but also, interview others who’ve had life-changing travel experiences themselves. Our aim is to inspire curiosity, openness, and acceptance of disparate cultures through stories of travel.

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Your subscription means a lot, and we've put together some perks to show our gratitude. From early access to all of our content, exclusive bonus features, to joining us on one of six 2-day (weekend) adventures through the course of the year. The perks are great, but we're here because we'd like to build a community and share 1st Person with the world.

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