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About Amelia Fisher

My name is Amelia Fisher. I write books! Right now I'm writing on a courtly fantasy romance called KNIVES IN THE DARK, featuring a spymaster, Ophelia Calder, as she struggles to protect the forbidden love of her life, Queen Corinthea Lightoller. Queen Lightholler is threatened by a coup from the east, usurpers in her own court, and a shadowy assassin that Ophelia struggles to unmask. While the Queen tries to find a diplomatic solution to her problems, it's up to Ophelia to protect her and her Kingdom.This is a story of intrigue, romance, and the lengths you would go to protect those you love.

The current plan is to upload Chapters twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays. I have the book outlined, but I also have a day-job and while I'd love for this to become my full-time occupation, at the moment it is an INCREDIBLY involved hobby. There is nothing that I desire in the world more than to be a full-time novelist. 

The principle Upload you'll see (should you subscribe) are individual chapters from the main novel, and stories in the Knives in the Dark universe. I have lots of ideas that don't necessarily fit the narrative as I've drawn it up, and so there may also be supplementary material that gets published exclusively here, as well!

Eventually, as the whole book is finished, it'll be published and Patrons, here, will have first access to signed and exclusive copies of the PHYSICAL book! As well as standardized ebook variants for convenience. 

So that's the idea! My interests in fiction range far and wide and the eventual ambition is that this blog will be the one-stop-shop for everything I write and publish. Basic subscription is a dollar. I hope you'll stick around!
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At the moment, because of difficulties with holding a job (my body doesn’t allow me to do the hard labor I’ve done for years) I’ve had to resort to gig-economy stuff like delivering food. Meeting this goal monthly allows me to pay my car payment and get the monthly oil change I need. That alone eases my mental-stress load exponentially.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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