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About Amelia Fisher

My name is Amelia Fisher. I write books! Right now I'm working on a courtly fantasy romance featuring a spymaster, Ophelia Calder, trying to protect the forbidden love of her life, Queen Corinthea Lightoller. This task became exponentially harder given the approach of a passively invading army to the east; in an effort to broker a lasting peace, Queen Lightoller is hosting a summit with the violent Inland King in a last-ditch attempt to avoid a war. But Ophelia knows too well the war is coming, and it's up to her and her spies to erode the enemy army and stop the attack.

This is a story of intrigue, romance, and old-fashioned dirty fighting. As of this precise moment, the outline calls for five parts, each part taking place over an individual day. I plan to release the "Days" once a month. But! There will be much more updates besides! There'll be character stories, biographies, back-stories, short-stories that don't fit inside the main narrative. 

Each monthly update will feature an easy-to-read PDF and eBook file. 

After the final chapter is uploaded, then we'll go to the second stage! I'll be publishing this as an actual BOOK! That can be HELD IN YOUR HANDS! There'll be traditional eBook formats, too!

Perks to subscribing to this patreon will include:
early-access to chapters. 
early-access to the book itself. 
signed editions. 
and more!

My goal as a creator is to create more LGBT+ fiction featuring diverse casts. Most notably, I want complicated relationships with happy endings. Too many of our stories, fictionally speaking, end in tragedy. With this creator-space, I intend to rectify that, one book at a time. 

Basic subscription is a dollar. I hope you'll stick around!
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At the moment, because of difficulties with holding a job (my body doesn’t allow me to do the hard labor I’ve done for years) I’ve had to resort to gig-economy stuff like delivering food. Meeting this goal monthly allows me to pay my car payment and get the monthly oil change I need. That alone eases my mental-stress load exponentially.
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