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About 20DaysofJune

What's Good Mindspeakers!!!!!!!

Welcome to my Patreon page!
Where I will be offering exclusive content that cannot be posted on Youtube due to copyright claims, as well as other exclusive content here. Many of you enjoy my "Lit or Skip" series, which I love doing, but I cannot do in full on youtube because they always get demonetized and can cause issues for my channel in the long term.
I also have other Ideas regarding music, full artist reactions, and other content that I cannot do on youtube, so if you subscribe to my Patreon page here you get exclusive access to the new content I will be offering.

Also, content creating is difficult! Youtubers do our best to offer quality content, but Youtube isn't exactly the most lucrative. By subscribing to my Patreon, you'll be helping me create content more often, as well as helping me to upgrade the quality of my content by helping me pay for a new camera, microphones, laptop, editing software, etc.

I plan on having tons of fun on this channel, because with less restrictions we can get MORE REAL.
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Help me reach my first goal of 100 patrons!!! When I reach 100 patrons, this will unlock my exclusive Nicki Minaj "Queen" album 1 year later review, as well as a Normani reaction!
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