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240p Fan Club
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Supporting the team!
  • Money goes directly to server upkeep/website/maintenance costs
  • A special role/recognition in discord
Includes Discord benefits
240p VIP
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Supporter of the team!
  • Same as the previous tier, however your name will also be featured in our community build!
Includes Discord benefits
240p Boss
per month
 BIG Supporter of the team!
  • All the benefits of previous tiers, however we will dedicate a room or build for each of these patreons, with special recognition! Feel free to work with a streamer if you have ideas for it :).
Includes Discord benefits




per month


The 240p stream team is a team of twitch.tv (twitch.tv/240pTV) streamers who banded together to create quality content on Twitch! Currently, there are some overhead costs that are split by the streamers themselves, but if you would like to contribute to keeping 240p going, this is the place to directly do so! All funds will go directly into server upkeep, website hosting, and if we can get enough overhead, we could pay for nicer servers for the streamers, artists, advertising, search out further sponsorships, and expand the 240p team!

Every single one of these streamers is looking forward to expanding their twitch communities, and supporting the server that has brought them together is a fantastic way to keep the lights on. We are constantly looking for ways to return the favor, so please let us know if you have any ideas!

The patreon discord role grants you access to an exclusive portion of our discord, and it is there that you can discuss the benefits we can provide for your support, or just hang out and be special :).

We thank you in advance for coming by and considering supporting us directly, but do not feel pressured to contribute! It means a lot that you have found your way here already, thank you for enjoying the content and community!
$0 of $40 per month
Basic server fees - Currently, our server costs 40$/month. When we reach this goal, the streamers will have one less thing to split!
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