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Pledging $5 will get you all the perks of pledging $1, along with being able to see upcoming videos a full day early and special behind the scenes videos. You'll be able to not only heavily influence the content of future videos, but you'll also have your name (or name of choice) at the end of every video in larger letters as long as you continue to support at this level!
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About 2 AM Productions

Hi there! My name is Joe, and I run the channel 2 AM Productions on YouTube. I mostly perform chemistry experiments and make educational videos, but I occasionally upload other content as well.

If you've happen to have stumbled upon any of my videos (thank you for watching if you have!), you might have noticed that I have an incredibly small budget. Most experiments are just a couple steps and include chemicals that I can buy commercially. My equipment is mediocre at best, and I try to make the best of what I've got. If I had a larger budget, I could not only upgrade my amateur laboratory, but also my recording equipment to make higher quality content for you!

If you want to help me out by donating a couple dollars, it would be very much appreciated. 100% of the revenue made on Patreon will go directly towards my laboratory and making videos. Not only will it make better content for you, the viewer, but it will make my time recording the content far more interesting!
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When I reach $10 per month, I will have a video dedicated to all my patrons up to this point in which I perform an experiment of their choosing based on chemicals and equipment I have on hand.
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