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is creating Guides for roaming Heroes
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an above average Pleb
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you the pleb among others has chosen to follow the true path. A path you will never forget stepping on to guided by the light you shall soon seek new hights in the verse of DotA

you will have access to all Patreon content that I post. 

Guardian of the Path
per Roaming Guide
you are not just a pleb, you are one of the Guardians protecting the Path from any heretics.

with that said I thank you

you will have access to all Patreon content that I post aswell as you can tell me your steam name and have me in your Friendlist. 

I am open for questions about roaming or anything you want to talk about with me.

best regards 2B

Wardlords of the Path
per Roaming Guide
You are not only walking on the path but you are the one guiding the unknowing to their destiny into the light of the Truth.

You scout and Ward away aswell as protect the crowd from any harm.

You shall not only be granted for your work on the Path with honor and my friendship but I will observe the frey of your battles once a month and will give my very best to make you improve in the art of battle in the verse of DotA.

(in normal english, I will be observing and coaching one game of yours each month, just tell me which one and I'll gladly watch thee)




per Roaming Guide

About 2B Saviour of Meta

Hello There, my name is Noah. Better known as 2B the retarded roaming guy.
I am an Immortal player and do quite the exotic stuff. I play heroes known for extreme strong carry potential as roamers. That mostly with a positive outcome.

Ever since I became high rank I wanted to do something for the community. I wanted to bring them how I look at position 4 and what all you can do. No need to just copy the pros if you can create your very own playstyle.

I want to show you my playstlye and make guides about the heroes I roam with.
You may ask why I need a patreon for that?
I want to improve my quality of guides by making atleast 1 YT guide and 4 Reddit posts + extras content from you the Plegders per month.

For this to workout and me to have the motivation I need to see if people follow me people willing to stay with me on this journey to find the freshest roaming strats. For you to make it your own strat and have fun with it aswell as learn aspects of the game in a much diffrent way than the traditional way.

Since streaming will not be a thing for me in the near future I want to prove my father in a diffrent way that I can make my online knowledge to a Job. ASwell as bringing more frequent my point of view to the community.

Best Regards 2B

hank you for reading and I hope you understand my decision for making a Patreon.
I will ajust rewards depending on what Patreons tell me they would like to have.
$0 of $10 per Roaming Guide
I can tell my father that the online buissnes starts running and I will give out scheduals with when I release each roaming guide
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