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If you love the show and want to support its continuation, chip in, but do not feel obliged. I love all the support I get!

Think of it as a subscription fee that you don't actually have to subscribe to in order to get anything, but the provider of said subscription would love it if you *did* throw in a buck or so. 




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About 2Sides2Life

Welcome to the 2Sides2Life Patreon page!

So who am I? Just a guy who has a bit of spare time and I guess I would say a different view on our world.   

Whats the next episode going to be on? My idea's and inspirations are always randomly based on current life experiences or world events. So I have no idea what the next episode will be on but I'am sure it will be entertaining. Of course feel free to leave your ideas for any future videos in the YouTube comments section or the posts here at Patreon.  

How long till next episode? Hard to say, so far I'am covering all the costs, so will take some time. Again this might be changed in the near future depends on how the episodes get received. 

What happens with the funds? With your help, I might able to cover some if not all the costs being animator, music and sfx.  

What happens with any extra funds? So far its just one guy[The animator] and me. So for sure getting more people on board as well as improving the over all animations, quality and churning out more episodes would be the target.

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