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About VanLife - 2blonds2usa

Hey there! First off... if you've made it to this page we just want to say THANK YOUUUUU!!!

Thank you for being interested in what it is we're doing and the message we're trying to throw out into the world :)

For anyone who doesn't know, we started to live in our Van. We are fortunate enough to not have been forced into this vehicle dwelling life, we live this lifestyle purely by choice.Since this is what we have chosen, we make it a point to dedicate our self and our time to spend as less money as possible and sometimes even earn some in order to demonstrate to others that whatever lifestyle you choose... it's always of the utmost importance to remain responsible but correlate that with your own personal happiness!

We are not the type of persons to ask for a handout, and that is definitely not what this is intended to be :). This is simply a way for US to stay connected!

We want to take ALL OF YOU along with me on our journey. We want to show you the places that we go to and give you all the details oof our van so that way we can do this TOGETHER!

Our goal is to help each and every one of you discover something about either yourselves, your potential, or even just a super amazing adventure spot near you.

By becoming a Patron not only will you get front row seats to this wonderful journey, but you will also help us provide great content on our YouTube channel that could help inspire others to get outdoors, start traveling, and start living their dreams. :)

To our Patrons we offer a variety of rewards in turn for their support! Depending on what level you choose to sign up for there are different items, but they are all aimed at creating a community for us to adventure as a group!

So, wether you simply want to help contribute to help with van build costs, get a new postcard from me every month, or see a plethora of patron only photos.... sign up and let's get this journey started!

If a monthly commitment isn't what you're looking for, you can also click here to contribute to fuel costs, camera equipment, and more awesome videos!

"Let the adventure begin!"
-- 2blonds2usa
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When we reach $500 per month, We'll stream live from our van when we're on the road.
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