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About 2 Doods Podcast

By now, if you're here, we can assume that you know the background story of 2 Doods Podcast.  We are two long time friends from high school drum line that got together to catch up and decided it would be a cool idea to talk to an empty room and then publish it online.  The difference you get with our Patreon page is the exclusive content that no one else gets to hear or see.  The more edgy, intense, more vulgar, and raw side of who we are.  There is no filter and anything goes. 

We want to thank our fans, without our amazing fans we wouldn't still be creating new podcasts and have the ability to spread into new areas of entertainment!  
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We would love to be able to share exclusive content and have a special community on Patreon.  With donations we will be able to upgrade equipment and continue to grow our podcast and expand into other projects. 
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