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About Jun Gen

A pleasure to meet you, Observer!

I am Jun, a Creator of many Worlds and even my own Universe. I always loved to create something simply by snapping with my fingers. Sadly it's not that easy. So I decided to give other creators my thoughts, opinions and ideas to save them out of this dark hole we call Writer's block.

If you are lost at any point of your Written, become a Patron and I gladly will try to make you gain back your creativity!

Here are some things about me so you get a better idea about who you are talking to: 
  • I'm a guy from germany that wants to make his own Franchise to inspire people through entertaining them. One of my biggest goals is to someday be the writer of a good movie, that people want to watch again and again.
  • My english is not the best, but I always try to make myself understandable. I do have a german accent, just so you are warned.
  • I got into writing in 2016 when I decided to create my own universe overnight. I even made a printed prototype book of the story I wanted to tell after some months, but I absolutely hated it. So in 2017 I completely remade my universe just of a single plot character.
  • My Universe is called 3376 or 337G and I planned out an entire timeline of stories that are all connected with each other. There are also a lot of characters I made which I all love. Everytime I look at the timeline a big "sigh" comes out of my mouth, because it all will take a lot of time and work to actually finish everything.
  • Ice is my favorite Element and I love to eat it.
  • Things that I would love to make are Movies, Animated Series and Games
  • I'm a graphic designer and at the moment i am trying to become a voice-actor
  • My real name is Nico Jung born 28th June in 1996 in Germany
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When I reach 50 Euros per month, I will give you an insight on the first story that happens in the 3376 timeline. The project name is called "Zanna Story", but it still has no title.
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