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About me?

I am SPECIAL, really!
a little bit crazy , but the good crazy when you understand.
handicaped but happy to be alive! the wheelchair should be my friend, but not everytime it is ;)

Doing a lot of 3D Printing. Engineering, developing, teaching and of course printing.
Flying and driving remote controlled aircrafts, boats, cars.

My way is trying to help others to learn, get better, how to build there own things. If you have an idea and not able to do it, feel free to contact me. I like problems!

Also watch my DTube, Youtube Videos.

There isn´t so much at the moment but everybody has to start at zero and it would be great if you support me. Support me with your questions! Tell me your problems and then i can answer this in my content. I don´t want to post all the same things that are already hundred times out. I help you and you help me with it. a WIN WIN solution.

You like it decentraliced?
Stemmit: https://steemit.com/@bullett
DTube: https://d.tube/c/bullett

Thanks for subscribe and like on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFm_MD6cNFRIfF5h...

Patreons can write me there problems and we try to find solutions or pay me for making your design! But please first contact. monster projects need time and money.

And the biggest: Having FUN!

Hope you have fun too and i wish you all the best + all the things you wish yourself i wish you double!

3D Bullett

yes i know that the "Bullet" is writen with 1x"T"....but i am Bullett with 2 T. That is a long story and now everybody knows me as Bullett

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First Patreon is a free wish.

a design? a 3D printed part? You are the master.

(no sexual or other abnormal wishs, please stay inside my comfort zone, thanks)

If it is a part and must be shipped, please understand that you have to pay the p&p. If you can print it yourself, perfect!

Your welcome
3D Bullett
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