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About The 3D Printing Lady

3D Printing is Amazing.

I first discovered that in 2009 and can't stop talking about it.

Since then I have been working in variety of roles in Additive Manufacturing Industry, gathering valuable hands-on information that is meant to inspire, guide and teach rather than push sales of products.

In my Blog, Inverted Normals, I concentrate on practical aspects of 3D printing and try to trace how  additive is used throughout industries to solve problems, with special focus on creative applications. By talking to independent creators and users I offer them exposure and help to convey their stories. Have you got a 3D story to share? #3dprintinglady or #3dpl

I also offer some design inspiration and technical consultancy services, and guided by my love for Japanese language and culture - an insight into the Philosophy behind Japanese Arts and Crafts.

Thank you for stopping by - it's been my pleasure to talk to you.

If you like what I do and are in a position to donate I would appreciate if you considered to support my creative pursuits.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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