Gemma Renee Locatelli

is creating Water colors, hand made crafts, wood, compost and trees

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Hello! And thank you so much for visiting my page.. I am learning the ins and outs of Patreon so please be patient. 
About me :
I am a single mom to a 20 year old, who is blessed to have hundreds of acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This land was my grandfathers and I get to be a part of the beauty here. After a life change that was not only unexpected but traumatic I myself found my sense of purpose questionable .. wrapped up with residual trauma I had to find my way out.. conventional methods left me bewildered and lost.. Here I am over a decade later, back to basics.. living the way I grew up.. on a farm.. surrounded by animals.. 

To make some ends meet I did a few riding lessons, sold some paintings, and did gardening for people.. 1 thing led to another and I was often working with special needs children, children who had been sexually abused, and veterans who were struggling from their life changing path.. due to my own experience of trauma, and health struggles.. I could easily pin point what people were feeling, experiencing, and how the things they were eating, doing, hearing .. was taking them either through it all over again or bringing them up out of the mess of it all.. I myself delved into Nutrition and diet in school, along with Cultural Anthropology and language.. I happened to get a lot of rave reviews from people I worked with.. 

Before I knew it I had a line of people who wanted me to help them but couldnt afford to pay or didnt have much money.. I never said no to someone in need.. the ability to connect a child who has not spoken in a year to a horse who can take their pain and relieve them of their suffering for a time..drove me to continue on.. I had no idea what my dream was.. this was just something I was drawn to over and over and over.. Healing.. emotional.. physical.. spiritual.. and biological..

Now I have been helping others all my life and I just never made it about money.. After a new trauma .. and auto immune issues flaring.. I ended up needing to reach out.. 1 donor prompted me to make this page.. so here we are..  

The Universe never makes mistakes.. I am glad youre here with me on this journey 
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