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Access to higher-rez comic pages! And our gratitude and appreciation!
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Our gratitude and appreciation, access to higher-rez comic pages, AND full-rez versions of the Vote Incentives and any other Bonus Art that Max creates for the comic, along with Patron-exclusive access to our recorded gChat artwork-roughing sessions and "Behind The Page" videos!
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A Piece of the Action!
Hey, we're not saying that 3 Minute Max is going to be optioned as a movie or a TV production or a game any time soon. In fact, you really shouldn't count on it. But hey -  if it does - we'll take whatever funds we get (for anything outside books and the comic itself), pay the taxes and agent's commissions (if any) and slice off a nice 10% chunk to be divided among Patrons who've contributed at this level for a year or more. Contribute for two years, or contribute $20 for one year, two shares. Etcetera. We'll use math. Plus all of the above rewards as well, naturally.



About Detonation Films

3 Minute Max is an ongoing action/adventure/sci-fi comic created by the father/son team of Bob and Max Forward. Bob is a professional animation writer, pyrotechnician and effects specialist. Max is a commercial illustrator and storyboard artist. They've teamed up for the fun of working together on a project that allows them to exercise all their skills - a comic that combines great artwork, a compelling storyline, fun characters, and lots of custom effects! Check it out!

The comic has been updating regularly - it's into Episode 6 now - but dang is it expensive and time-consuming. Patreon support will help offset some of the costs, eliminate the ads to make room for larger artwork, and make the whole experience even better for you, the audience!
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The AdSense ads are a regrettable necessity at the moment, but they're annoying and take up room in the Easel layout. If we reach this goal, we'll toss the AdSense ads, lose the comic sidebars, and upload larger, higher-rez comics on a going-forward basis! Righteous!
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