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You get Concept Art, Art Sheets (includes Character, Equipment, and Emblem Sheets), and wallpaper releases.
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Early release content access. All of your Early content will become available as soon as its up to these members. You also will receive a monthly art package from all of our artists.




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3VOSTUDIOS is a Animation group focused on bringing large projects to life through hard work. 
Self-taught creators help us bring out the best quality in every project.
If you would like to support us then we would like to show you what we are capable of.

In the forms of animation we look to create whatever we can from movies, animation series, funny shorts, and BTS content. There's a lot to explore so its always interesting to see what can be done.

At the moment we are currently working on Sunnie and Lunah's animated movie series at the moment. The first installment is our main and only focus at the moment titled "Sunnie and Lunah: Battle for Teragon".

We plan to keep Battle for Teragon true to the creator's dream. Fast-paced battles, with a compelling but motivated storyline, character development, refined dialogue and lore/background about the world of Teragon.

Your support helps us push out animations at a faster pace, it also keeps us from running into hardware and software problems, the funding for these projects are helping not only release your new favorite content but help keep its creators on their feet.

[3VOLVE] - A digital artist that created and looks over 3VOSTUDIOS, the staff, and the Patreons with one goal in mind to make amazing content that gives fans and supporters more than their money's worth.
[EternalOmen] - An artist that worked at SEGA Japan for quite some time, she helps manage content, and also handles quality assurance across multiple projects.
[Grim2thbone] - A passionate Digital Artist that seeks to expand his knowledge across every art style known to man. He constantly displays creativity across everything he creates.
[LaurenXeno] - Known as the business woman Lauren handles Team Management and makes sure everything is done when it needs to be. Aside from also handling Quality Assurance she loves designing dramatic backgrounds with story and feeling behind them.
[RedGiantVII] - A professional video editor that is now part of the 3VOSTUDIOS family. He provides expert talent to help make sure our videos come out at the best quality, with great effects and balance.
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The official website for our Animation Studio complete with a well designed opening page displaying our content and also giving you the chance to speak on our forums and polls. This site will also come complete with mini-sites to all of our series animations movies, or shows you'll be able to see detailed information about all of the above.
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