is creating 3D Models for 3D Printing / video games / VR / AR
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About 3D-BUG

Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm Igor and I making 3D Models / Digital Sculptures for 3D Printing and video games.
I decided to make quality digital sculptures (3d models) for 3D Printing available for all my patreons.
Your support allows me to be focused in creating unique creatures and props.
I love my job and I have a huge experience in area of 3D content creation including all stages of 3D Art production.
Background includes solid proficiency in 3D digital sculpting, modeling, retopology, UV-mapping, texturing, photogrammetry, 3D printing, rendering and animation.
Check out my work on instagram, facebook and my Artstation Portfolio!

I appreciate so much any support of my art you’re willing to give, so I can keep creating for you!

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