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Access to Domains of Adventure Discord Server. This is a text-based, sprawling Dungeons & Dragons world of role playing, adventure, exploration, and combat. Player Characters have possession of a special key and a map that leads them to the town of Hamilton and the mysterious Honeycomb.

The Honeycomb offers our heroes access to uncounted miniature worlds with their own societies, problems, and sometimes laws of physics. Each Domain is its own adventure. Follow as few or as many as you choose.

There are roughly 5 real-time adventures every week and light role playing and some GM presence very nearly 24-7
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Domains of Adventure

Domains of Adventure

A text-based online Dungeons & Dragons campaign

The key and the map came to you. Perhaps they appeared on your doorstep, or you found them among a deceased relative’s things. Perhaps you stole them. However it happened, they are yours now. The map led to a door, the key fit the lock. You stepped through.

Do you even know why you did it? Was it the call to adventure? Do you find mysteries irresistible? Did you hate your old life? Your reasons, whatever they were, are your own. Although you heard tales of magic and heroism from generations past, you understand little of such things.

Now you stand in a mostly blank room. A pedestal stands in the center, softly glowing with a warm honey-colored light. As you tentatively approach the light, it begins to hum softly and then speak. At first you do not understand the language but it resolves, word-by-word, to one you understand.

You have been called to aid in the protection and repair of the Honeycomb. The Honeycomb is made up of hundreds of Domains. Each with its own rules and inhabitants. There are doors - sometimes obvious but sometimes hidden - that lead from Domain to Domain. Your key lets you travel freely from one to another.

Each Domain has a central mind or minds shaping and controlling it. Each Domain is a treasure beyond all value for those who are strong-willed and powerful enough to claim it for their own. There is a flaw spreading through the Domains. You and others like you are needed to help find the cause and - hopefully - fix it.

Yesterday you were just an ordinary commoner, and you’ve not had much experience with this sort of thing, but something about the tokens has opened up worlds of possibility for you. If you choose to aid this effort, step through the door on the opposite wall. You will join with others as they too answer the call. If not, go back the way you came, to your old world and your old life. Face the monsters in the darkness and protect those who can’t protect themselves or hide in your room and wait for what comes next. Two doors await you. Which one will you choose?

But know also that there are … others. Minds of power and unknown intent are observing the Honeycomb’s efforts to gather protectors. It is unknown if their intentions are positive or negative. Do they seek order or chaos? For good or ill, the situation is being monitored.

Domains of Adventure is an online, text-based Dungeons & Dragons campaign that will run on Discord. There will be Domains to explore, monsters to fight, mysteries to solve and unfolding drama that may change the way your character understands the world.

You will be stepping into realms strange and alien, or perhaps far too familiar. Step through a door and everything might change. Others who have also answered the call will journey with you to find the flaw in each of the Domains in turn. Each Domain is its own puzzle, a mystery, a riddle to be solved. A flaw to be found.

Role playing events will happen at various times, driven by player and GM availability. Explorations will be ongoing and take anywhere from a day to a week to resolve (depending on real world factors). Real time combat or social encounters will be scheduled roughly twice a week once in the afternoon and once in the evening. To be determined but probably Monday afternoons and Thursday or Friday evenings.

All characters start at 1st level and are built on a 27 point buy (or choose an array). Hit points after first level will be half hit die plus one. You may build characters with any rules from a published Wizards of the Coast book (including Ravnica and Wildemount). GMs are available to help with every step of character creation and development. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

Take the key, follow the map, go through the door. 
$200 - reached! per month
New Albion Discord Server Campaign. At this level, we will run a new role playing campaign, set in a modern world of magic, mystery, and adventure.
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