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We're a community of board gamers, role players, history buffs, parents, students, friends, supporters, eager collaborators, and friendly opponents. We host many events every week including ongoing campaigns and one-shots. We play all kinds of games, from simple dice and card games to the most complex war games, 4X behomoths and everything in between. We teach, we learn, and we're generally excited to try new things and we're always excited to welcome new players. We've got the games, we've got the space. All we need is you.

Here at 3 Trolls we're about community and shared stories. Every member of our community has something unique to bring to the table, be it different points of view, life experiences, or different games. We work together with our community to create enticing adventures, happy memories, and fun for all. We've been doing this since 1991 and we're starting to get good at it.

Most people's lives revolve around two places, work and home. Having a third space to socialize, relax, and play is a great thing. We strive to make our space as comfortable, welcoming, inclusive, and well-appointed as possible, both in the real world and online. Our community is our greatest treasure and we want to improve and grow so our community can flourish.

We've got big plans to improve the space, run more events, and take our community to the next level in the real world and the virtual one.

Join us for the adventure. Come into our parlor and play a game. Join our Discord Server and join the conversation.
$50 of $80 per month
More Ghost Tread Online! We will produce and run at least three events on the Ghost Tread D&D Discord. All past and present players of the campaign are welcome.
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