3vol Movement

is creating Videos that involve gaming, comedy, commentary, or Cinematic

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I will thank you and mention you in a video dedicated to Tier 1 donaters :) (50 donaters per Video)
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for 5 dollars I will make a 30 second edit for you and send it to you directly. and all lower tier donations included :)
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private chat on discord to play games or just talk about life lol All lower tiers are included aswell




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I am 3vol Movement. I am someone who loves creating videos not for the money but for the passion. I love creating things as i see them. I mean i dont know what else to put here Other than I have passion. I am learning as i am progressing with my edits and so forth. Every donation if any is hugely appreciated and i hope my content is enough for you to stay and watch my videos :) have a wonderful day!
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this will all 100% go to buying newer parts toward a new pc for rendering because the one i have now is not all that good.
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