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About 40s On 40s

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the super-official 40s on 40s Patreon Page! Thanks for stopping by and considering us for your patronage!

Who Are We?
40s on 40s is a podcast hosted by musicians Seth Hansen and Josh Rossi, two guys who are admittedly not very knowledgable with pop music. Armed with a fresh 40oz each episode, Seth and Josh listen and review Top 40's hits straight from the Billboard Hot 100, while consuming their beverages of choice. At present, we release one new episode per week (usually on Mondays), with extra bonus clips throughout the week.

Why Patreon?
Although the podcast is easy enough to make - we're big fans in the DIY approach to content creation - we find ourselves in the lucky position of having a following. As such, we want to do well by you, our listeners, and to that end we want to produce the best quality content we can. And that requires money.

The podcast references and samples lots of audio, and as such makes us pretty much unable to monetize any of our episodes through the usual means. The state of Fair Use laws across most platforms allows us to create, but not profit from the content we make. Patreon, thusly, is one of the biggest, best places for content creators to build a solid support base, and one of the easiest ways for listeners to directly help and affect what kind of content we produce - and what quality that content is.

What Will We Do With Your Money?
Any and all funds that we receive through our Patreon page will go directly into ensuring that we can keep the podcast not only functioning, but growing. At the basic levels, we'll be able to pay our hosting site, create a main page, and provide extra content for those who are nice enough to donate. At the higher levels of patronage, we'll be able to make and sell merch, buy better audio and editing equipment, and be able to contribute more of our own time to making 40s on 40s the best it can be. The more time we have available, the more of that time we can spend on making the show.

How Does Being A Patron Work?
Our Patreon page charges you on a monthly basis, and will charge you up-front when you first sign up so that you'll have fair access to the reward tiers. That means that you'll have access to the reward tiers as soon as you pledge, which is pretty badass! We'll post weekly updates on new bonus content so that you don't miss anything.
$0 of $200 per month
Maintains the SoundCloud Page; Establishes a Main Page; Purchasing of 40s

For $200/month, we'll be able to pay for basic maintenance for our SoundCloud page (where we currently host the episodes themselves), and more excitingly, we'd be able to upgrade to an actual main website (most likely made via WordPress), so we'll have a nicer presentation for our listeners. It'll be able to hold an About Page, an Episode Guide - basically all the things a normal website would.

We'll also be able to buy our 40s for each episode. So like, that's important too.
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