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About 441 Motocross

441 Motocross creates visual content focused on the sport of Motocross/Supercross. Offering in depth videos on specific riders, crash compilations and so much more on the 441 Motocross YouTube channels. In addition I will be making 441 Motocross merchandise/apparel for fans and supporters.

441 Motocross is a one man band. I film, edit and research the archives going through hours and hours and sometimes days of footage. In order for 441 Motocross to travel, design merch and film more content for more raw motocross in Southern Caifornia Tracks, 441 will need funding from the fans and supporters. If you become a "Veteran" you can request a specific video you want to be made and the first to see it. This Patreon is only to offer expansion to the content the channel already provides. Nothing currently on the channel will be taken away.

If you'd you like to support this mission please help in any way you can.
Thank You. Much Appreciated
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Reaching this goal will cover everything I do for this channel. I can travel to SoCal to film professional/amateur riders on those legendary tracks, I can push out a ton more content frequently with this goal. It's limitless.
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