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Thank you so much for donating even just a dollar to my well being. Pledging here helps me in a lot of ways to just go about my day-to-day life and continue  making videos for you all.

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You folks will be kept up to speed on when we record and what days I plan on uploading videos so you aren't kept in the dark waiting. Be it pictures, video snippets or other ways.

You also will be visually credit for your support in the Outro on the 4HiddenGamers Channel.

Random videos.
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Those that make it to this Tier will get videos of the random stuff we do, when we aren't recording videos. Rather it be the whole gang or just two of us.

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About RygasV

Hey There! My name is Ryan. I wanna thank everybody for coming to my page. I've been creating videos on the 4 Hidden Gamers channel for a bit known and will soon be doing things on my other channel called Rygas. Though lately I've been working so much at my actual job and will soon be having to get a second one, which in turn means I won't be a able to make videos as quickly as I like for everybody.

What does this all mean?
Essentially it means that I spend a lot of my days working all day and spend what little time I have recording and editing video. but with your help you can make it so I can keep on editing and recording the videos I like to make, and videos that you faults want to see me make.
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This is something we're not pushing for, but it would be quite the achievement to share with all of you. Regardless of whether we ever hit this number or not, we still love and appreciate every single one of you
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