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You can add a Message Of The Day (MOTD) of your own to the server. This is the message that appears below the server name in the server list on everyone's Minecraft client. 

Almost anything goes. If it's not illegal and/or infringing on some copyright I will allow it - no questions asked. 
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You will gain the ability to use formatted text in your messages. For example, typing 

&cThis is a red message
&bThis is a blue message

..would appear as red and blue messages in the game. If you want, you can also set a MOTD as described in the previous tier reward. 

Keep in mind that anyone can greentext with >meme arrows
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Along with the previous tiers of rewards, you will spawn a player's head when you kill them. Imagine killing an /a/ player and getting their head to put on a stake. Pretty satisfying stuff. 




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About Coty

What even is this 

4craft is a Minecraft server ran by a bunch of anons from the internet. It traditionally has ran for 2 weeks at a time, each iteration being a few months after the last. I am about to launch the 9th iteration. 

Why Patreon

I've decided to setup a Patreon in order to fund the server to last longer than 2 weeks. If we're funded, I'll continue to develop plugins for the server to keep things fresh, rather than having endless war with nothing new brought to the formula. The first month of the server will be funded by me personally, even if this Patreon fails. This page is for continued development and a simple thank you for work done so far. 

Costs of the server

A modded Spigot server that could fit 150 people and maintain a constant tickrate of 20 tps can run up to $120 a month. If you want to squeeze in 300 people into the server it can cost up to even $250 a month. The cost of developing a quality plugin from an experienced programmer can cost well over $50 to even $100 an hour, if not more. Maintaining the server once its operational can become a full time job by itself, to be properly managed. 

For the first month, I will cover the costs of 4craft v9. If this Patreon is successful, I will continue to develop new and interesting plugins for the server and keep the server running. The server will only continue if this Patreon makes enough per month to cover just server costs. If we make more than expected and are full - I will increase the slot count on the server by paying for more server resources. If we make more beyond that, I will take a cut to cover dev costs, since I am technically doing it for free until then. I'm not really concerned about making money on this project - but if I do it's a plus. It's for funsies, but running a server is expensive. 

Helpful links: 

Discord Invite Link:
Steam page:
Raid on /a/ -
$0 of $120 per month
Monthly server cost. This is how much, roughly, it will cost to run a server that will comfortably hold 150 slots open at a stable 20 ticks per second (tps).
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