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About Jonas Stenstrom

Communicate and Tell Great Stories 

Hi. I'm Jonas. I make science films and we want to show you some of the techniques used to tell the nonfiction media that we produce.

Rob Nelson: and his work is HERE! I encourage you go go support his work as well.

Who am I? Bonus-Jonas (my nickname). I've been helping Rob run our Science Filmmaking Tips YouTube channel since 2015. Often, we mix in our families or team up with other filmmakers, to help teach.

Why? I freelance and life isn't easy jumping from job to job. With your support of this Patreon page, it helps me get out videos with a growing community of Jonas-fans. Kidding. That's my Swedish humor. If you want to help, I'm happy to help you back. 

What are you supporting? Each of the videos I make takes me 40-80 hours to create, even the simple ones. Your support helps me keep the quality high. 

What about that science videos? I'm doing those too. Rob of course is already doing this on his patreon account - Untamed Science. He's also doing Live sessions for those who want to follow and behind the scenes videos..

How it works? I have many different REWARDS (at right) that you can choose. Consider a contribution of even $1/video to help support my work. Patreon will charge you at the end of each month for the videos we've made (typically 1), and you are free to cap the amount you spend each month as well!

If you've made it here, thank you. I'm humbled. You realize the videos take a lot of work, and you want to help.

- Jonas
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When we hit this benchmark we'll know there are enough of you out there that believe in the concept of our teaching that we'll start a 'Filmmaking Basics' course to get the novice up and running. We've been tossing this idea around for a long time, but if we reach this goal, we'll buckle up our boots and just start it! Because we specialize in documentary filmmaking, this course would be focused on those skills (writing scripts, prepping shoots, starting the edits, color grading, etc). They're vital skills for new filmmakers, or anyone that wants to tell a genuine story. We've always worked with scientists, so we'll bring that background with us, but it'll still be valuable for everyone - especially those of you on youtube. 
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