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I've been writing for a few years now. I've written smut , action, adventure, romance , horror , and the list goes on. Some of my most famous stories such as "Jhon the Human" , "Rat Tail", "Sonic Waves" and "No Fur No Fun" have gotten so much love and support over such a short time that I almost cant believe my eyes when I read some of the amazing comments people leave me about how they connected with my stories. But its that love that I get after I publish chapter after chapter that keeps me going and fuels my drive to keep creating. I want to be known as a writer that touches people. Its OK if your only here for the smut, but I hope that eventually I connect with your heart too. I'm a 20 something kid writing stories in between work and college classes, so every time I post something new for all of you guys to see its the best part of my day. 
Alright, so I take my writing very seriously, but to any new comers that haven't read any of my work yet there are a few things you may want to know.

1. My stories take place in world's of anthropomorphic animals. My characters being animals is for symbolism, and sometimes events are easier to absorb when they happen to a rabbit rather than to a human.

2. I write my stories in a format between script and narrative. It's not a difficult style to read , but I know I piss some people off by not picking one style and staying in it. Honestly if you have trouble reading my stories because of how I format them you're likely just trying too hard because they aren't too far from being scripts.

3. I'm not shy about sex scenes in my writing. I do from time to time write smut and porn, but most of my stories are not. I include sexual content when it fits, but pornographic sex is rarely the main focus.
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