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    Check out our dev blog here:
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    Short explanation of the game:
    A high school student in search of his soulmate tries to shake off increasing paranoia that he will destroy the delicate peace among his circle of friends with one wrong move.

    Long version:
    A high school student is convinced that he will find his soulmate and resolve his problems all at once in doing so, but soon realizes that he had led himself down a path of regret. You, the player. must navigate through numerous what-if situations and ultimately steer the main character to get closer to one of four important people in his life. Desperately, you search with the protagonist for a happy ending.

    To see technical information and specifics, check our "About" page on Wordpress :D
    Get involved in the Lemmasoft forum thread for Fifth Love!
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    Most of the money up to this point will be given to LoiLoi, our dedicated artist who is helping us in her spare time while she's in school. Help a group of poor hardworking students support another fellow hardworking student!
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