Francis Chalk

is creating Happiness For Himself and Family
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It's okay that you're poor.
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A little bit more would be nice.
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Thanks for throwing me a bone.




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About Francis Chalk

My name is Francis Chalk, a 15 year old male who resides within New York. I'm currently unemployed, and exist in a household of 4. I've always been a fan of Nintendo's work, consoles and all, but ever since October of 2016 I've really really really wanted a Nintendo Switch. However since I'm unemployed, and considered "inútil" by my mother I do not yet have a steady source of income. Therefore not making the option of purchasing it be available to me. Which is why I, Francis Chalk, am creating a Patreon in order to help my family and I achieve the goal of getting a Nintendo Switch™. I hope you all donate, so you can increase the chances of a smile on my face, and decrease the chances of a frown on my face. Thank you. Gracias.