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60 second content is what I strive to create, and I believe that there is a perfect formula to this.  One that can give my viewers the information that they need in a single, short and sweet, video.  However, because of how short my video's are, it is impossible for me to maximize my YouTube revenue through this means (10-15 minute long videos are prime revenue), and thus very little money gets put into my YouTube channel.  This is why I feel that a Patreon is necessary for what I do.  Every dollar that is donated will go directly into growing my channel, allowing me to buy better hardware, software, and other materials such as microphones, camera's, or anything else that may help my video's come off as professional and entertaining as possible.
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With just $30 a month I would be able to afford an indie game title or two that I could review / spotlight on my channel, giving you more content, and allowing me to support more indie developers!
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