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First off, your support means a LOT! 

To start us off on simple terms, being a Patron for 62-bit Gaming means improved stream quality, faster upload times, more guests, more games, SHIRTS (LOTS of requests), customizable Perlers, and simply MORE variety of content! 

62-bit Gaming has been going on for quite a while now, and it's become a well respected thing here in Washington state, and across the nation! There is one problem - running the stream, doing events, upgrading equipment, taking time off from work... they're all expensive! Even just maintaining our current course is expensive, and I haven't done NEARLY as many expansions as I'd like! I've had MANY requests for shirts to be made, YouTube highlights packages, game reviews, combo videos, MORE tournaments, faster uploads, and more! All of these expansions are costly, and it's difficult to afford everything on my own! That's where YOU can come in!

Your money would go DIRECTLY INTO THE STREAM. I'm not using it to pay rent, to buy lunch, to get a new book, or anything else that doesn't have a DIRECT influence on the stream. What's better is, if you decide to be a Patron and have a specific request for your money, I can very likely make that happen! If you want me to have a song made for the stream and you put money towards it - it's happening. If you want me to get a green screen to go behind me for our streams - it's happening. If you want to help get Potatoking down here from Canada so we can do more blindfolded games, then that's possible to! Otherwise it'll go towards general stream upgrades, expansion opportunities, and more. 

I don't have any expectations, but your support can go a long way!

Thank you for your consideration! 


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