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is creating quick Warhammer 40,000 army tutorials
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Drybrushers want to support the channel but don’t really need anything in exchange. Seriously, Drybrushers are the backbone of the channel!

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Splatters will get to submit questions on the Discord and will have exclusive access to a live, interactive paint class and Q&A quarterly.  This livestream video will be announced in advance, and questions can come from the Discord or the live chat. 

Two weeks after the livestream class, an edited version of the video will be made public. 

These streams will feature models not regularly seen, such as Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legions, Warmahordes, Reaper, or anything!

The models from this feature will be made available to backers at this level during the stream, for a small shipping fee.




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About 7 Ninjas Studios

Bryan Stiltz, founder of 7 Ninja Studios, has worked inside the gaming and miniature industry for 16 years, and has learned modeling and painting from some of the best. Always open to new things, we're committed to growing the hobby through educational videos, showcasing our skills, and helping you become a better hobbyist.

Our first tutorial series will cover using Games Workshop Contrast Paints to quickly paint your Warhammer army. Other tutorials will follow with other systems of models and paints.
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