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About Seventh Heaven Works

Hello, all! I'm Clyde at 7th Heaven Works.

Art has always been my life passion, and life energy; I wouldn't be here without it. I decided that my career would revolve around art of some kind when I was only three years old! I've been doing freelance work since 2005 and I've worked on fan projects which unfortunately have never made it to the light of day (e.g., "Sonic FreeRunner"). I want to be visible, not only to help my income, but as an artist. It's my dream to make a name for myself out in the art world doing what I love, and with that being said, I can't do it without both my best effort and your help!

Why Patreon?
I wanted to open a Patreon in hopes of seeing more people enjoy my work every month alongside possibly having a more stable source of income to aid me in improving my life in general; it'll help me keep my freelance job and continue creating art for everybody to enjoy. Aside from helping replace art supplies to keep at what I do for a living, everything that I earn here will help me with monthly rent and groceries! That's where you come in!

Thank you all very much! ✨
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