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Thanks so much for even considering becoming an 805ROADKING patron! For the past seven years, we've been building custom engines, going to shows, and producing entertaining videos all on our own dime. We've never accepted donations or asked for help with funding, although many have offered. With the increasing cost of materials and utilities, we decided to start this Patreon page as a way for dedicated followers to help offset the cost. 

All funding will be used exclusively for tools, materials, and parts need to create better content for our videos. We've also setup a rewards system, visible to the right, which gets you access to patron-only extras. Rewards may be changed and/or upgraded in the future. 

We greatly appreciate any and all contributions to this page. Your support will not only help us continue to do what we do best, but also fuel our desire to create even more entertaining, educational, and interesting content. 

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The 805ROADKING Crew
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