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My name is Devon Davis, I'm a 22-year old STEM student & pursuing AOS/Climate Sciences with focus on California's meteorology including fire weather, hydrological impacts on the state's precipitation due to atmospheric rivers & of course the now ever-so-delicate snowpack. 

I'm originally from the South Bay Area, but I've spent most of my days growing up down here in Ventura/Los Angeles counties & along the western Sierra Nevada foothills. My passion or what I'd even dare to call obsession for meteorology began back in 2002-03 which has left me with a heavy set of memory throughout the seasons & years of meteorologically induced disasters & events across the state such as the 2003 major firestorms & the 2004-05 modoki El Niño that was essentially the last above-average season that lead to memorable flooding & mudslides across Southern California including La Conchita... With that being said, I hope to continue my pursuit in understanding key features of California's weather & climate signals that arise as well.

I began my page on Twitter in my junior year of high school, either just before or after the infamous February 2013 winter storm system that shut down a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway for up to three weeks & have been diligently keeping that same page updated daily for the last 5 years now. My original goal was to begin creating a website for my forecasts, but other financial issues hindered my progress & it unfortunately had to be delayed.
Recently, just two days prior to the 2017 Thomas Fire beginning, I had the privilege of becoming a member of the AMS Los Angeles Chapter in Southern California. I'm currently working two part-time jobs while continuing my passion on an almost 24/7 basis & that has steadily become more difficult & exhausting due to the way my work hours are setup.

I personally pay for several services to aid in my education & reading papers as often as possible that pertain to these subjects, that is why I've chosen to create a Patreon, because any kind of support is helpful especially from those within my field of work. I'm all about networking & creating new relationships within the atmospheric science community along with others in other fields of STEM so I am always free to answer questions from anybody as soon as I have the opportunity to respond. I'm currently working on my website in order to become more centralized with my own comments & posts, but it's been a tedious process once again due to my work schedule. If you have been following me for the last five years, I would just like to say thank you to those of you who've treated me with open arms in this industry & have given me useful tips for career growth, along with those of you who just follow my analytical skills to see what's going on outside or in a few weeks time... Once again, thank you & thanks for the support..

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