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Hey Dudes!! 

My name is John-Paul Annunziato (JP) and I’ve been on a quest the last ten years of my life creating the Ultimate 1980’s project, showcasing to the world over 40,000 items of 1980-1989 80s memorabilia ranging from Toys to Board Games, Video Games, Records, Movies, Electronics, Clothes, Magazines, Cereal, School Supplies, Fast Food Items and so much more.  (To Prove it, simply Visit my Website www.80sThen80sNow.com)

I took to social media nearly one year ago and in that time I’m blessed to say I’ve already been featured on numerous sites including NBC Universal, SyFy Wire, Yahoo, The NY Post and Hearst, not to mention countless live feeds, interviews and podcasts with everything from local news stations to Colleges.  My fan base, (Whom I call my 80s Family) continues to grow everyday with over 115K Twitter, 100K Instagram, 95K Facebook and 25K Tik Tok Followers, including Hundreds of 80’s Celebrities.  😎  

The long term goal is to get my collection into a Museum or Exhibit somewhere in the NYC Tri-State area so people can enjoy this in person.  While I wait for this to happen, I continue to raise awareness for all things 80s through Photo and Video Posts, Live Trivia Feeds, Giveaways, Interviews, Networking and Collaborations with other Retro based Channels.  

Between my Social Medias and “Prep Work” I spend over twelve hours every day Planning, Photographing, Recording and Uploading New Content.  (Oh and of course responding and commenting to everyone.)  It’s a lot of work, Dare I say even more than when I was a Nursing Home Director for 7 Years.  What I do now is no longer a “Project” or “Job.”  It’s my “Calling.”

This is where you, my Dear Patron come in.  By pledging just $5.00/month you help eliminate the one stressor that hovers over 80sThen80sNow.  With a basic goal of $1,500.00 each month in pledges, I’ll be able to cover ALL my BASIC expenses including Storage, (This one costs a lot folks) Website, Giveways, Promos, Marketing and Travel.  

If you do the Math it’ll take close to 300 “Angels” to bring me one step closer in fufulling this lifetime dream.  I think, neigh, KNOW we can do it!  🙏

As my thanks to you for your support, you’ll be added to my Monthly Fan Club and eligible for Exclusive 80’s Giveaways, Contests and Prizes, including 80’s Goodie Bags, Live Chats and old fashioned Letters in the Mail and Telephone Calls.  Your Name will be added to my website along with the other Patron Members and best of all, each month I’ll be sending you Newsletters to update you on where we’re at and where were next going.  You’ll also have the opportunity to make requests and recommendations on what YOU want to see.  (In a way it’s like I’m working for you now!). 😊

At the end of the day, this isn’t about me.  It’s about the 1980s and a time period where things were just a little easier and kinder and....more fun.  Help me continue that fun!  
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