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You will get a shout out on stream. Huge thanks for the support.
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Pixel sub level (this is to mirror what will happen if i become a partner on twitch). Thank you so much for the support.
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- 10,000 pixel coins
- 10x Pixel coins when you are in the stream
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- Priority chance to pla with me in multiplayer games
- Able to enter the "sub" server
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Design your own emote either with me or on your own, It will then be put onto the stream when we are partnered




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About Gameboy

I have been a huge gamer for a very long time. I have always wonted to do something with this passion of mine as a career and now thanks to twitch and youtube I am able to try and make this happen.

Being able to do this full time is my dream right now. With our pledge you are making my dream a reality.

if i can become a full time streamer,  I will be mixing to of my passions games and design.
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This will be a server for people who have helped me on patreon.
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