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About 8-bit Stories

Hello friends.

I’m an outsider artist and writer named Dimitris. I love illustrating fantasy worlds and intense emotional states by assembling and composing screenshots from various NES games and adding various musings on them. Started in 2015, the project is a nod to pixel art and old internet days. Borrowing elements from various art movements it blends reality and fantasy together in a dreamy collage of distant memories.

I'm currently creating art in my free time, writing a book related with it and working on monthly commissions. I also run a store and have worked with some people trying to produce prints. Sadly, these things require time and money which I don't ever have working full-time, a job I don't like. With your support, I hope to be able to quit what I currently do and devote myself to what I love the most in my entire life, which is art and everything that may come out of it.

Thank you so much for reading and considering supporting me.

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