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About 8Bit.TV

Hello Fellow Bitizens!

8Bit.TV started years ago as a small hobby of a lone gamer and his love and passion for video games. Here, gaming is more than just pushing buttons on a controller, it's about community and the different experiences one can have in a group of people with the same love as they do. From indie games to AAA titles, 8BitTV has you covered.

Why Do You Want My Money?

In all honesty, we don't. We really really really want to make the best gaming content. From live streams, to Youtube Videos, and website articles, creating content takes a lot of time. We'll use your money to literally buy time, straight from the Time Lord, so we're able to make more content just for you.

If you aren't able to pitch in we understand, really. Continue to enjoy our content as you always have, we aren't going to start charging for it or anything (except maybe certain games).

About Those Rewards...

Ah-yes, here's some more info on that: 
  • Best Buds: You'll also get added during live streams first so you can join our gaming session(Ex: PSN/Steam).
  • Google Hangout: Held once a month for Mega Bitizens, a 30 minute minimum hangout where we can talk about games and even stream during our talk. (Coffee and crumpets not included)

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An hour long weekly podcast about the ONLY news you need to know about.
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