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There is a significant body of techniques and exercises in Wing Chun. As a patron pledgeing at least one dollar, you will be able to participate in votes to select which content will be made available next.
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For a pledge of $10 per month ("closed door patron") we will cover a topic of your choice, answering your specific questions. You will also be able to download videos for offline use, and get access to some rare material.



About 8PWC

In most places Wing Chun - the martial art of Yip Man (Ip Man) and Bruce Lee - is still a labyrinth of secrets and exorbitant paywalls. Here you can get online lessons, valuable insights into principles and techniques, and see even the most advanced programs of Wing Chun.

Our patrons will get access to material, which has never before been released by any lineage of Wing Chun (like the weapon dummy, the wooden dummy two person set, or the long pole two person sets), among countless other benefits (see rewards).

To learn more, you can continue to our video "Lesson Zero", and from there to further lessons.
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