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For three human dollars per month, you'll get access to our discussion before each episode. Before we start the episode proper, we discuss an unusual question, as a warm up for both brain and voice, and now you can listen to us! Plus, you'll be able to submit new questions that we might discuss!
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About The Eighth Door

We do a podcast about classic episodes of the BBC show Doctor Who. Our goal is to spread the word about the classic series, and help be a guide through it's labyrinthine structures. You - imagine this now - you're a watcher of the new series, but you just can't fathom how to begin with the classic series. Well, friend, that's what we're here for. Use our voices as lanterns to guide you on your way, noble traveler. There's treasure in those hills, and we're here to help you find it.

Our content about the show itself will always be the free podcast. But people seem to enjoy listening to our ludicrous banter. If that's your jam, that's what this Patreon is for. Your donation will get you a little bit more of us talking, some more of our thoughts, and stuff like that. And maybe a sticker.

What do we get out of this though? Well, there are a few things we would love to do. First, we want to spread the word about us - we'd love to be able to market ourselves out. But also, we'd love the show to be self-sustaining - if we could raise enough in a year even just so that we don't have to worry about whether the website will be hosted next year? Well, son, that'd be just fine by us.
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