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About James (Nine)

Greetings, and welcome to my Patreon page! To introduce myself, I am an artist and animator who is currently working on a variety of original projects. My main goal is to create TV-quality animation for folks to enjoy! From time to time here, you'll see some digital paintings of my Original Characters or other characters and little snippets of animations of upcoming projects that you won't usually see on Twitter. At the moment, my main project currently is Beyond the Fog! The first and second episodes are currently up on both Newgrounds and Youtube with the third episode currently in production. With that said, I hope that I've interested you a little in my work. I'll do my best to put this towards my craft and for funding the films and animations I plan to create!
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Part-Time Animator Status. I'll start a mini-sode animated series featuring some of my characters as a side project!
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