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About 9house Art

Hello, my name is Jake. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and artist. I love to create! You can help fund me as an artist. (All funds go towards supplies and equipment for my art.) If you do help there are some rewards. I create free designs for my patrons and give some other cool things as well..

How Patreon works:
Every time I post a "creation", such as a new video, photograph, design, etc. I get however much money you pledged. As I said earlier everything goes towards helping me create better art.

Make sure you check out my website and follow me on social media to see my art.
Website: http://9houseart.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/9houseart/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/9houseArt_
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Thank you for your support!
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You get to help support a young artist who loves to create!

As a reward you will get to see many of my designs, drawings, photos, videos, etc. early.

Discord Role
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My patrons who donate $2 per creation get a special role on my Discord server. 

Discord is a free app for gamers similar to Skype.

I have a Discord server so that artists can talk to each other.

Includes Discord rewards
Free Designs
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My patrons who donate $3 per creation get a free design every month.
$0 of $600 per creation
All of this money will go towards a 13-inch MacBook Pro for my photography, design, and school. This laptop will allow me to do much more due to the fact that it has more power than my current desktop. A laptop would be nice to have for editing and designing when I am not home.
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